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Our history

Our company is opereting in the business of semifinished product for the shoes system since 1963. Now the company is in the hand of the third generation and is still prudicing sole and midsole in leather and regenerated leather; heels in leather, Salpa (reclaimed leather), flesh split (under product of leather) and Masonite (fibre mixture made from wood); top-piece in rubber/leather and coria (regenerated rubber)/leather. At the begging we were used to produce only manufactures in leather but to stasify all the needs in terms of price of our customers we started to use other raw materials such as leather for the luxury shoes, flesh split or reclaimed leather for the average quality shoes and Masonite for low-cost shoes and after this first change we started to produce all the components of the heels such as the top-pieces in rubber/leather or regenerated rubber/leather even by customize them to reduce the delivery time. We equipped our company with high technology machines that let us reduce the time of production and ensure high quality products also for limitated and handcrafted production. Our customers are soles or shoes company mainly based nereby our local area well konown as a famous italian shoes district but we also export to Belgium, Holland and Romania. At the moment we are looking to export our high qualities manufectures in other foreign shoes discrtit to start new and profitable business relationship.


  • 1988  -
  • NUOVA GATTO was founded and TACC. GATTO production took over, originally started in 1963

  • 1989  -
  • Introduction to the manufacturing of

  • 1990  -
  • Manufacturing of LEATHER and RUBBER heels layer

  • 1994  -
  • Exportation to Slovakia, Holland and Belgium started

  • 2005  -
  • Modernization of the equipment to satisfy costumers' demands.

  • 2009  -
  • Automation and production of heels and the third generation started to lead the company .

  • 2017  -
  • Our target: be known not only by the national market but by foreign market too.

    Now costumers are mainly local, companies have their head office in Montegranaro, Monte San Giusto, Morrovalle, and Belgium, Holland, Romania.